Blackbird and Chaffinch class enjoyed a great day out at Legoland. We started off on an underwater submarine adventure. We saw lots of different sea creatures including fish and even a shark! We then enjoyed a lovely lunch in the sunshine before heading towards the theatre for a 4D movie. The film featured characters from the Lego movie and included amazing special effects including fire, wind and spraying water- some of us got very wet!
We were amazed when we walked through the Lego village at how detailed the buildings were. We saw the London Eye, Buckingham Palace and even the Eiffel Tower! Just before we headed home we took a train ride up the hill. It was a great day and lots of us fell asleep on the coach journey home- we must have been tired!

Writing Opportunities

Looking for ways to encourage your child’s writing at home? Why not take inspiration from our new writing area…


Going shopping? Why not encourage your child to write your shopping list for you!

Family birthday coming up? Encourage your child to use their phonics and write a birthday message!

Going on holiday? Maybe your child’s wants to send their friend a postcard!

Don’t forget you can add observations on Tapestry, we’d love to see your child’s writing from home.

Fruit Tasting 🍉🍍🍏🍐

We have been reading the story of Handa’s Surprise. In the story Handa has some delicious fruits in her basket. We explored many delicious fruits and even got to taste them! Have a listen to our descriptions of them…

Making Books📚

This week some of our girls have been keen to make books. They selected all the resources that they needed and spent all day working on them. With a little support they used their phonics to write in their books. Ruby wrote a story about her dog Max and T wrote a list of minibeasts and drew pictures of her house and family! Take a look at their work below 😀.



Superhero Day!

This term we held a Superhero Day as we had been learning about Heroes and Villains.
We all enjoyed dressing up as our favourite superheroes and taking part in different activities throughout the day.

We started the day with a superhero warm up, which you can see in the video below. Would you like to join in?

Then we began practising our superhero powers. We took part in activities that helped us learn about Supersonic Hearing, Invisibility, X-Ray Vision, Flight and Speed.

We had great fun showing off our powers and had a super day!

Thank you to all the parents for providing costumes- we hope you enjoy our picture slideshow!

Our first weeks in Reception!

Everyone in Blackbird and Chaffinch class have enjoyed settling in to life in Foundation Stage 2.

We love coming to school in the morning and are now able to come in by ourselves and put away our own bookbags and coats! We have loved exploring our new classroom and we were all smiles when we saw some old friends after the Summer break. We have even been making new friends too!

Here are a few pictures to show you of our first few weeks in Reception 🙂

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